Post-visit to Gogo Heaven


  Fairy dress (front)


Fairy dress (front)

I spent the end of July and the early part of August with my daughter and my grandchildren. We had so much fun. Although it was pretty wild with the two children (two kids somehow works out to more than two times one!), I got a lot of knitting done and made a bunch more bibs for T.J., the baby, and an adorable dress for Her Majesty, shown here wearing her new dress.  The blues look fabulous with her lovely and sparkly blue grey eyes.

I made a bunch more bibs for the baby, little T.J., who is one messy baby boy. 

Little kids have unlimited energy and I think it is some horrific cosmic joke that adults, even on a good day, are no match for them.  Isabella is 4 and a half and in the “why” stage.  Young children have a “take no prisoners” policy, especially when you have to deal with them in gangs (i.e. any number higher than “1)” The math reality of two children works out to something like this:  2 times 1 equals way more than 2!

You would think that this “why stage” business would not bother a reference librarian, or any other kind of librarian, but the staccato interrogation really does cause one’s synapses to start shutting down.  Isabella’s mother at one point, told Her Jajesty that she could ask 5 questions an hour, max.  So the next question was, “Is an hour a long time?”  One day it got so bad that her mother came downstairs and said, with maybe a little too much glee:  “Isabella is going to Kinder Care today!”  She loves it there, and we needed the break.  You want them to be curious, but you can’t even keep up the barrage of questions about everything!  
The baby, was in some sort of phase, maybe a growth spurt, where he ate as if they only feed him once a year.  When you feed him you have to shovel the food in really fast or he gets mad…so worked up that he then can’t eat.  Of course eating that fast makes him throw up a lot of what he eats, but too bad…slow it down at your peril. But don’t overfeed him, either.  If you do, he screams!  It was hilarious!  Trying to walk the Gogo tightrope (I’m Gogo to them).

Their mom got home after leaving me with them to go to an appointment.  When she got back that afternoon, the kids looked pretty good.  I, on the other hand, was hanging by my fingernails.  She noted, however, that I had not combed my hair, nor eaten, nor bathed, nor dressed myself, and probably had not even brushed my teeth.  She said, “Welcome to my world.”  No kidding!

Isabella is a great big sister.  T.J. was fussing for some unknown reason one day when I was taking care of them.  His sister looked at me and said one word:  “Binky.”  I plugged it in and it worked!
I survived…more or less…and the cool thing is that I get to have photo ops like this:

A scene from Gogo Heaven

A scene from Gogo Heaven

At work someone left this week to go on maternity leave.  I needed a quickie gift to make for her baby, a little girl (or a big girl, judging by the look of her mother’s “bump.”  So I found this pattern  for some adorable baby booties, made of 6 garter stitch squares and assembled kind of like a puzzle (though an easy puzzle).  Sorry that the pic is a bit blurry.  I was rushed and could not check my photography until the booties had already been gifted. 
Page 81 Baby Booties (my version)
Page 81 Baby Booties (my version)

Knitted in Bernat Satin Sport yarn. 

The original design and pattern (and lots more) will be in a forthcoming book named “Itty Bitty Nursery“, by Susan B. Anderson.  This, her second book, is a follow-up to “Itty Bitty Hats” .  I borrowed the latter book from the library and now want to make everything in it. 
This weekend I am working on: another dress (different and original design) for Isabella, the luxury shawl, and organizing things to sell (on eBay and Ravelry, think:  excess yarn and clothes, and maybe some books).  Time to let go of some of this stuff to make room for more stuff! 
Coming up in my next post (whenever I get that one together!):  my Turkish Stitch Angora and Lambswool Luxury Shawl, Norah Gaughan’s “Snapping Turtle Skirt,” The Queen’s Lavender Dress (original design), my fabulous Debbie Bliss “Maya” swap yarn, and more!
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2 Comments on “Post-visit to Gogo Heaven”

  1. Zuleika Says:

    Your visit sounds fun and really funny! I can just imagine all the questions you had thrown at you. My lil man never shuts up either! lol

  2. dehbi Says:

    I had a ball and can’t wait to go back! My brain cells have almost recovered from the assault. I hear that the baby is going to be crawling soon. Uh-oh….

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