News Flash! A Doomsday Vault for Our Agricultural Future

I just woke up after crashing on the sofa for a few hours when I got home….long day!

I was checking messages and came across the most fascinating story about the Svalsbard Global Seed Vault, also known as the Doomsday Vault.  It is an amazing story and worth checking out.  The t.v. news show “60 Minutes” featured a story about it, too.  Scroll down the page a little here to see that program.  There is lots more about the story at that site, too. 

My only worry is that it is not controlled by the same corporations that engineered, with the complicity of the corrupt U.S. government, Directive 81 in Iraq whereby the farmers there are prohibited by law from re-using seed stock from a previous year’s crop, which they have been doing for millenia in the world’s breadbasket. Instead they must buy expensive genetically engineered stock for subsequent plantings.  And some of us wonder why so many people around the world hate Americans so much.  Good grief.

Knitting content….

I decided to make another Lu top  (see my earlier post about my first one) using a real bulky weight yarn:  Tweedle Dee  a soft acrylic wool blend yarn with lovely and subtle color transitions.  This yarn is not very expensive (available at Michael’s, even) but has a lovely color-transition effect.  It also has good yardage in each ball: 155 yds.  This variation turned out well and although it is larger size-wise than the original Lu, which was knitted of the marvelous Fleece Artist hand dyed yarn, it looks great on.

As it turns out, he original yarn included in the kit is not really bulky (as referenced elsewhere) but rather Aran or heavy worsted weight yarn.  Yarndex got it right, but I would say that bulky is inaccurate. 

I have bound off the second top and will post pics this weekend.  At the moment I am the only model I have and my hair and I are too wild-looking even for a hat to conceal convincingly.  The downside of all of this working in the middle of the night! 

The top came out great.  A better fit really, at least for my size.  I wear a medium size, but the model at the Perl Grey site must be mighty petite because the original definitely does not fit me the way that it fits her! No matter, I like both versions on me and expect to get a lot of wear out of them both.  The original will be nice over my little black dress in the summer, and this new and heavier one will work great when it is cooler.

I love the Turkish stitch’s flexibility and versatility, not to mention ease:  it can look very different depending on the type of yarn used.  One version of it is here.  It is a one-row stitch pattern, one of the easiest lace stitches around, I am sure.  It is used on one side of the top to make the curved edge that hugs the shoulders.  I think it would be interesting to make a coat this way.

More to come when I come up for air again….got to climb into bed for some R.E.M. sleep.  

Buenas noches!























































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2 Comments on “News Flash! A Doomsday Vault for Our Agricultural Future”

  1. Zuleika Says:

    You know, I read your blog post a while ago and thought I’d post a comment when I read that article. Well, it’s been a few days now, and I still haven’t found the time to read that blasted article! lol So, I wanted to leave a comment anyway just to let you know I’m around and didn’t ignore you! 🙂

    Can’t wait to see some more pics. I really like how the last Lu top came out. Now let me go read that article before I get caught up in something else! 🙂

  2. SALLY Says:

    Dehbi: Interesting article, and yes rather Doomsday Prophetish, but wheat isn’t that big on nutients like protein. I feel that legumes are far more important and of far greater value and it comes with free gas. So many are allergic to wheat gluten, and somewhere I read that the Native Americans didn’t have allergies until the Europeans introduced their diet. Africa didn’t have diabetes until the American diet was made the new African diet.
    I have heard of the seed program, where they have all the old non-engineered seeds, plus all the variations of seeds. Kind of like the second and thrid generation of antibiotics, the seeds have many generations, all engineered.
    Interesting and alarming article. sal

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