Finally got the first skirt going…..

This represents about 12 hours of knitting, or something like that, with the recycled sweater yarn.  I am liking the way that this is turning out even more than I thought I would.  I like the feel of the yarn, and my calculations are so far giving me something that is able to go over my hips, which is a major concern. 

While sitting here at 3:23 a.m., knitting, reading Ravelry posts, and semi-watching True Crime dubbed in Spanish, it came to me that it might be fun now and then to start providing links here to some of my “favorite things.”   Not necessarily relating to fiber, but to anything that strikes my fancy.

I just went upstairs to photograph the progress on this skirt and the camera battery needed charging.  So while that is doing its thing on the charger, I’ll intro my pick of the week. It is a short story from my favorite magazine, The New Yorker. The name of the story is:  “Audio Tour” by Patricia Marx.  Told in the first person by a disgruntled ex-girlfriend, It cracks me up every time I read it and I hope you’ll like it, too.

And be sure to check out The New Yorker’s Cartoonbank, a searchable database of all New Yorker cartoons.  Some of the best to be found anywhere.  Although that magazine has fantastic writing, it is famous for its hilarious cartoons. 

Now back to knitting….. 

THIS JUST IN!   I just learned of a new online publication for knitters.  It is called Popknits and the concept sounds very cool, and way overdue.  The focus is (or will be, since the launch is scheduled for Fall 2008) on “original vintage-inspired knitting patterns and old techniques made modern,”  according to the information at the website which you can get to from here, or from the link in my Blogroll.  There is a signup form on the page for receiving e-mail updates if you are interested.

I have an extensive collection of knitting magazines going back 30 years and I would love to use some of my old favorites as inspiration for my own designing.  

 Update on my variation on the pencil skirt…(written a few days after the above)

Well, I have knitted about 17″ of this long skirt on a size #U.S.6/4.25mm Addi Turbo (or somebody’s) turbo circular knitting needle. 

The good news is that I like the way it looks, and it fits.  The bad news is that I can’t get the colors right in the photo no matter what I do!  I took it outside, put it on the grass, tried different settings on the camera, and even tried to tweak it in Microsoft Office Picture Manager, but to no avail.  Must work on my photo editing skills, and maybe get some more advanced software for the purpose. 

In reality, the skirt is:  less blue, no abrupt color changes with the striping, more green, and not as bright.  In fact, the closest to blue in the skirt is teal.

Here is my photographic (mis)representation:

My pencil skirt variation (alas..)

Be back soon!


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6 Comments on “Finally got the first skirt going…..”

  1. Ed Beardwell Says:

    If you like Cartoon Bank, is also worth a look – a much larger collection of online cartoons by a wide variety of cartoonists worldwide…

  2. dehbi Says:

    Thanks, Ed. I will definitely check it out! Thanks for stopping by, too.

  3. Zuleika Says:

    It’s weird that the colors won’t show properly. It looks good so far though. 😉

  4. knitgirlll06 Says:

    Found your blog from Ravelry group and you have some very nice crafts here. Look forward to seeing what’s next.

  5. Chris in Oz (e.i. Australia) Says:

    Dehbi, my creative friend, I love your stuff and love you too! What an inspiration you are. I do hope we can meet up again, keep up the great work. Now it is winter, I can now wear your scarf again ….

  6. wow sis, i am surprised to see this again. i offered to take the pic and fix the colours, but you never gave me permission. i don’t know if it can be done as it should be, but i can certainly alter the colours. if you’d like me to try, send it to my yahoo address.
    love all your creations, and i hope you have my bag in the mail by now.
    loving you . . .

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