Recycle Day (not a lot of knitting..but getting ready!)

(Written on Sunday, April 20, 2008)

I did not get much done today other than taking apart 4 (or maybe it was 5) of those sweaters for the purpose of recycling the yarn.  It took a while, but I am excited that I now have about 2 lbs. of yarn in this beautiful green colorway:

Knitting to be ripped out for recycling the yarn

Of course it is prettier than I am able to capture in a photo.  I want to make that long pencil skirt (mentioned the other day in another post) and now I can start on the green one, at least, without having to stop to dismantle more sweaters.

When I got to the last sweater/capelet in the greens colorway, I considered saving that last one, not ripping it out,  to perhaps wear it…but the sweater is knitted flat and I don’t like the way the colors line up (or don’t line up) at the seams. 

So I will be making the skirt in the round and if any other ideas come to me for what to make from this yarn, I’ll be sure that the design works better with the yarn in terms of color continuity. Or I might just offer the extra yarn for a trade on Ravelry.


I am a member of a couple of communities of women who all have one thing in common:  we knit dishcloths and swap them with each other. 

This is turning out to be a lot more fun than one would imagine because, not only do you get to make lots of new friends, you get to learn lots of new stitch patterns and things to do with very inexpensive (around $2) dishcloth cotton, available everywhere.

The above link, which I learned about in the group “Dishcloths R Us,” takes you to a fantastic list of blogs featuring 500(!) knitting patterns that use from only 1yd. to 285 yds. of yarn.  They ask that this resource not just be used for the patterns… the whole point of publishing the information is to get folks to visit the blogs where they are found and have a look around, too.  I think I can manage that…at least I will plan to do that as I work my way through the list!


As if I needed any more interests!  A few weeks ago my friend Victoria handed me a lovely chunk of clear quartz crystal.  I could feel the energy in that crystal as I held it for a while.  It got quite warm and brought me a sense of something that I can only say, after 5 years of taking yoga,  is like yoga bliss. 

Here is a pic of Victoria’s crystal present to me:  Terminated Clear Crystal

Here’s some lovely Chinese Rhodochrosite: Lovely Chinese Rhodochrosite

and finally , a bunch of tumbled Prehnite crystals: Tumbled Prehnite Crystals

So, you ask, what the heck do these have to do with knitting or art or creativity, or anything? 

Well, they have to do with my new interest in harnessing crystal energy! 

I’ve had books on crystals for years, but they always seemed to be in my “stuff to read” pile. After what happened when Victoria gave me that crystal, however, I am all over those books and now on the prowl for more crystals of different types. 

One of my swap partners, in New Zealand, is going to send me a piece of “pounamu” from her country.  It has spiritual significance for the Maori people and I will be adding that to my collection of “working” crystals.

There was a gem show this weekend in San Diego and I went down and picked up the prehnite, a nice piece of fluorite, something for my father’s jewelry-making, and something called “white turquoise.”  I am interested in learning more about the metaphysical properties of crystals. 

Different crystals correspond to different signs of the zodiac and can help to energize the natural electromagnetic fields around all living things.  Something definitely happens when I hold one of these crystals so this definitely bears further exploration!

More about crystals and their uses here.


My next post should feature shots of my skirt project, which I think I’ll start  My wardrobe has too many sweaters and not enough skirts.  So skirts will be added to my knitting repertoire for me.

For my charity knitting projects, I am switching over to preemie caps (from bandages for lepers in India…whose need for the bandages is winding down) and probably blankets.

If you are a knitter and are interested in charity knitting projects, there is a lot of information about may different types of items needed and sponsoring organization contacts on the Lion Brand Charity Connection pages  (also linked from my Blogroll (the column on the right).

And of course, in my role as “Gogo” (what my grandbabies call me, or at least the one who can talk calls me that), I have to keep working on projects for them.  I just found a great pants pattern for the baby, and my daughter has her request in… 

It is amazing how much others can benefit from something that takes so little effort.


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3 Comments on “Recycle Day (not a lot of knitting..but getting ready!)”

  1. brouhahahaha Says:

    The crystals look amazing. And that green is certainly a wonderful shade. Perhaps you could send it to me so that I could see it in person?



  2. dehbi Says:

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Kristina! Ha! You should check out a gem show if you are in an area where they are held. I got that while string of Prehnite for something like $10 or $12 last week at a gem show in San Diego. They’ll be back in June and I intend to go again.

  3. Zuleika Says:

    Those crystals are beautiful! Healing crystals and such have been talked about for ages and ages. I’ve never used them, well except for a black one I used to wear around my neck. Can’t remember what it’s called. 🙂

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