Time for an art pottery break….

Time for a little departure from fiber/textiles talk.  Tonight I’m unveiling some of my father’s latest creations. 

At 85 years old (86 within weeks!), Daddy spends 30 hours or so in the studio, making very inspired artworks in clay.  Like his mother and siblings, and his only child (me!), Daddy was born under the sign of Taurus. 

Taurus is an earth sign and Daddy’s connection with clay, always very strong and a real constant in his life, is providing him with one way to be the artist he always wanted to be in his youth. 

His was a generation that did not really see “artist” has an honest profession and so he dutifully got a good education, worked hard as a social worker, hospital social work director, and mentor to many comingup in that profession….but he has always collected art, married an artist, had many artist friends, and promoted art whenever he could.

When he was finally able to create as much art as he wanted, he made beaded jewelry of African beadstuffs bought from the Gambian traders who criss-cross the U.S. in their overladen vans, sharing their contact lists. 

I once went with Daddy to see one of the traders who was in Cincinnati during one of my visits there.  Going into that room where he had set up his temporary “shop” was like a visit to a treasure cave.

Beaded jewelry is still a passion…and I am slowly working my way up to setting up an Etsy shop for his jewelry, my knitwear patterns and finished art-to-wear, and his art pottery, like this guy:

Nariz in Profile

Nariz, another view

Nariz, full frontal!

“Nariz” is one of my favorites.  Lots of detail and even more attitude!

Daddy doesn’t usually name his pieces, so I decided to have fun with this.  This one’s name means “nose” in Spanish. 

Here is another piece with a lot of personality:


This mask makes me think of a production of Oedipus Rex that I was taken to see by my mother, a thespian herself.


Dermie needs help!

His name is “Dermie” because he looks to me as if he needs to go to dermatologist like, yesterday. 

Dreaded contemplating his wardrobe

This is “Dreaded,” who is trying to figure out what to wear today.

rear view...and I do mean

Dreaded ‘s rear end

I’ll put more of Daddy’s clayworks up in later posts.  I will showcase items for sale, as well as items from my own collection.  They won’t be for sale, but they should be seen!


Clay sculpture by Herbert J. Allen of Cincinnati, Ohio 2008

Photo images –  Copyright Deborah A. Fleming 2008

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3 Comments on “Time for an art pottery break….”

  1. Zuleika Says:

    Interesting artwork! I’ve always wanted to work with clay, or maybe make ceramic bowls or something.

  2. this is very interesting I teach pottery and some of my students would love this

    • dehbi Says:

      Thank you! I’ll have to pass your comment along to my father. He’s 88, almost 89 years old, and spends 30 hours a week at the studio making his wild pottery. He also takes creative writing classes (has for many years) and spends time making fabulous beaded jewelry. I find him to be a real inspiration!

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