Time to focus on skirts and a windfall for yarn recycling

Recently I was in the “Everything $5.99” store which will occasionally have a gem or two. That day was the best yet for finding a bargain. In fact, it was a bargain times 11!

I found a bunch of knitted tank sweater and capelet sets for $1.99 for each set. Amazing! Each had been knitted in a lovely subtle variegated colorway with long color repeats in the way that the dye was used. The yarn is a soft blend. I think I may have left one set in the store.

I had been wanting to make skirts for some time and finding those sweaters means I’ll be able to make them for very little money.

A few weeks ago I lucked out in my hunt for a certain kit thanks to friends at the wonderful fiber (knitting and crochet, mostly) community at Ravelry and found someone with a kit for this:

PenelopeWhich is called the “Penelope Pencil Skirt” …

 and best of all, she was willing to part with it! She actually had the short version of the skirt to trade (whereas I had wanted the long version), but that was o.k. I can extrapolate with the basic pattern.

I sent her some lovely merino hand-dyed yarn I had picked up in Chile a couple of years ago, and she sent me the skirt kit. We had some nail-biting because, even though I had shipped first, I got my package from her first. The Chilean yarn took a rather long time to get to her, but it did arrive and Teri is very happy with it, revealing to me that she had put it on a counter and “petted” it every time she walked past it. We fiber folk are like that about our yarns!

So I will have the yarn that came with the kit and, once I do the ripping out….using all of my yoga training to relax and go into a meditative mode (with my crystals at my side) while I rip out all of those garments….I’ll also have additional yarn for making it in other colorways.

I’ll go from this: 

to having something I can use for at least one skirt, but now it is looking like 3(!).  Don’t be horrified by the brightness of the colors here.  I had trouble adjusting it and the real fabric is much darker and more subdued, quite rich-looking, not day-glo like my photo.

Watch this space for more on the progress of those projects (triple threat?). After so much handling, I hope I don’t get so fed up with this yarn that I don’t want to wear the skirt or skirts when finished!

Also this week I have been making yarn balls for my swap partners.

Making yarn balls, for the uninitiated, involves tying together short lengths of different yarns, ribbon, string, anything that can be tied with the rest, and then rolling the continuous piece into one big ball from which something (like a scarf) can be knitted or crocheted….or used in any way that one would use yarn.

This swap and many others are organized and managed using the free services offered here. A “magic” yarn ball is where you take a ball of yarn and re-wind it, tucking small gifts and “goodies” within as you wind. It is like a little surprise package for the receiver!

Swapping can become quite addictive! You send and receive and it is like having Christmas every time something comes. It is also a terrific way to make new friends all over the world. One of my partners today is from the Orkney Islands, and I have another swap partner who lives on a sheep farm in New Zealand.

The partner in N.Z. is going to send me some of their famous wool and some crystals from there for my crystal work as well as a puffy/scrubbie, since the monthly swap of that group is based on a scrubbie exchange. Scrubbies, which look like this,  Four Scrubbiesand are supposed to be for use in the kitchen, make terrific facial exfoliators. Who knew?

(Back to New Zealand….) Maryanne and I have been having a lively cyber-conversation about sustainable lifestyles and Lotus Birth which is an area in which she has expertise. Fascinating!

I took pics tonight of some of Daddy’s sculptural pieces, but it is almost 5 a.m. and I need to get to bed so that I can get up for work….which is necessary to support my way-out-of-control yarn addiction habit.

Despite the name of this blog, I do need to get some sleep occasionally…but only enough to be able to create with any coherence.

Living the knitting life entails giving up things like keeping a neat house and sleeping!

So those pics of some of Daddy’s work will have to be in the next post which I’ll have up very soon.

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2 Comments on “Time to focus on skirts and a windfall for yarn recycling”

  1. Zuleika Says:

    I love to swap, but after my last one when I sent £40 worth of items to my partner and got nothing, I kinda lost my swap mojo. 🙂 She said she sent it, so I guess it was just bad luck.
    You got some great bargains there! I keep on forgetting I can frog knitted items to use for something else. The charity shops down here are always so full of sweaters and so on.

  2. Teri Says:

    I’m still petting it Dehbi!!!

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